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The idea of this wikia is to have a complete central area for absolutely all Heathen-related topics: from the Lore and legend, to the Gods, wights, magics, charms, runes... online groups, organizations by location, prominent figures, books, website directories... absolutely all information in all areas of the Greater Heathen Umbrella are welcome. Remember to be neutral and objective, and do your best to avoid favoritism. If a topic is mostly considered to be good/bad/whatever, such as Ralph Blum's work, then just word it as such: "Most people consider ___ to be..."

With that, this site should remain ever-growing. I welcome you all.

Site News

  • Sun Feb 15 — View our userboxes to identify qualities of yourself, which in turn teach us how you can help develop the Heathenry Wiki.
  • Fri Feb 13 — Occasionally late at night, you'll see this site with a new theme, with a rather odd color scheme; this is simply me experimenting and fine-tuning a visual theme that I lifted off of the Diablo Wiki. I'll show an official unveiling after the product is complete.
  • Wed Feb 11 — We now have our official logo, which you've undoubtedly seen by now.

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