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Anglo-Saxon Heathenry is based on the beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon tribes from the 5th-7th centuries CE in England. Also know as English Heathenism. This term refers to the original beliefs of said time period, as well as the modern revival/reconstructionist movement.

One of the most prominent figures leading this movement is Robert "Osric" Holman, Uþ-Wita of the Geferræden Fyrnsidu organization.

In general, Anglo-Saxon Heathens tend to lean towards Theodism and giving importance on aspects of ancient culture and social structure, as well as making more use of folk medicines and herb charms. Thus, witchcraft is often an important element of study, as well as at least some knowledge of the Old English language.


Fyrnsidu (Old English meaning "The Old Ways" or "Old Custom", cf. Old Norse Forn Siðr) is a subsect of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. It is related to, but often considered separate from Theodism. The movement was formally organized in 2001 under the aegis of The Fellowship of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, a non-profit organization that serves as a church for practitioners of this faith.


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